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We offer Long Distance Medical Transportation as it is sometimes necessary to transport a patient to and from distant towns, across state lines, or even across the country to get the care they require. The problem is that long trips of any kind can become uncomfortable for anyone. How are you going to travel across state lines with a medical needs patient? Call MHA and we’ll get them there in comfort. We provides the best rate on Long Distance Transportation in Denver and Aurora, Colorado. We make traveling with an ailment easy and comfortable so our patients can focus on their health. Weather you are looking at pricing rates for a loved one or for yourself we can help you get to you to your destination at the lowest competitive rate.

Patients with the following conditions are ideal candidates for Long Distance Ground medical transport:

  • Chronic Illness
  • Cancer
  • Stroke
  • Chronic Lung and Heart Conditions
  • Alzheimer’s Disease
  • Dementia
  • Mobility Issues

We perform the following long distance transportation:

  • Colorado to Alabama
  • Colorado to Arizona
  • Colorado to Arkansas
  • Colorado to California
  • Colorado to Connecticut
  • Colorado to Delaware
  • Colorado to Florida
  • Colorado to Georgia
  • Colorado to Idaho
  • Colorado to Illinois
  • Colorado to Indiana
  • Colorado to Iowa
  • Colorado to Kansas
  • Colorado to Kentucky
  • Colorado to Louisiana
  • Colorado to Maine
  • Colorado to Maryland
  • Colorado to Michigan
  • Colorado to Minnesota
  • Colorado to Mississippi
  • Colorado to Missouri
  • Colorado to Montana
  • Colorado to Nebraska
  • Colorado to Nevada
  • Colorado to New Hampshire
  • Colorado to New Mexico
  • Colorado to New York
  • Colorado to North Carolina
  • Colorado to North Dakota
  • Colorado to Utah
  • Colorado to Ohio
  • Colorado to Oklahoma
  • Colorado to Oregon
  • Colorado to Pennsylvania
  • Colorado to South Carolina
  • Colorado to South Dakota
  • Colorado to Tennessee
  • Colorado to Texas
  • Colorado to Vermont
  • Colorado to Virginia
  • Colorado to Wyoming
  • Colorado to Washington
  • Colorado to West Virginia
  • Colorado to Wisconsin

We offer transportation to the above states plus many more local cities, towns and medical locations not listed above. At Mile High Ambulance, we are dedicated to providing the best Long Distance Medical Transportation to ensure our patients are well cared for while traveling distances of over 200 miles. For more information please Contact us today to get the best rate on Long Distance Transportation available.


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