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Mile High Ambulance provides organ and tissue transportation along with our other medical transportation services. Mile High Ambulance provides ground transportation of organs as well as transportation of procurement teams to retrieve kidneys, livers, hearts, and lungs. Mile High Ambulance also provides critical life-saving transports for organ recipients that require vital time-critical transportation from a patient’s home or hospital to the transplant center once an organ becomes available. Often, patients who are in need of a life saving transplant only have a very short window of time during which they must be transported to a hospital or facility to receive the transplant. Mile High Ambulance is prepared for this and will transport patients within a matter of hours when the necessary time comes.

The crew at Mile High Ambulance is very versed in this specialized service and performs these transport services with precision execution.
We utilize a fleet of emergency equipped organ transport ground units which can transfer to a flight crew or hospital – whatever the end destination may be.


Mile High Ambulance, LLC is a full service ambulance company providing ALS/BLS, bariatric, and wheelchair service. We are committed to providing compassionate, client-driven, medical transportation solutions to our customers. Call us today to request a transportation quote: (303) 564-6636

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