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Assisting In Your Greatest Time Of Need

Mile High Ambulance is standing by with Paramedic Intercept and Medical Transport services

It hits the side of your car: out of nowhere another vehicle has slammed into your passenger side and your are now spinning out of control. When your vehicle comes to a stop and you can finally see through the air-bag dust laden cabin, you realize your wife is unconscious.

You quickly realize two things: you need to get her out of the car and once you do you need to get her to a hospital as soon as possible. But if you move her will it be worse for her?  Could you potentially do her more harm in your attempt to get her free?

In times like this you need the expert advice only a trained medical professional can provide. Call 911 to have them get someone on scene. In life threatening accidents every minute and second counts.

Trusted Transportation From A Locally Owned Company

Our clients trust our tight knit crew, our dedication to our community, and our unparalleled customer service

Who would you trust with your wife’s life to in the event of an accident?
What about your husband, father, mother, child or friend?

Our customers trust Mile High Ambulance because we know the value of precision decision making – we’ve transported our own family members in our ambulances and trust our crew to make the right calls.

Don’t leave medical transportation in the hands of just any ambulance company – trust Mile High Ambulance.

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