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 Concern For Your Safety Drives Us To Be Our Best

Mile High Ambulance’s success is dependent on the whole team

When it comes to your safety during a medical transportation trip, MHA is no slouch. It begins by screening our job applicants to ensure our future employees are at the top of their game and can handle the intensity of our day-to-day responsibilities. In order to be a MHA Paramedic, EMT or Driver, our team has to multitask under pressure. This means extensive training is required. Our medical professionals have to make important decisions concerning patient health so must be up to date on all certifications and our company procedures.

It is for this reason that all new hires undergo an extensive training program and learn from our Veteran Captains and Lieutenants. At MHA we also perform scheduled team trainings and frequent testing for all employees.

Sharp Minds Equal Safe Passengers

Rigorous trainings happen quite often to ensure our team is performing at their peak

At Mile High Ambulance we know its not fun to sit in a classroom and take notes on medical theory and procedures. And while we do have to sharpen our skills on with these best practices from time to time, we like on the job and interactive training a lot more. It’s a great way for our team to get together and learn from our veteran Paramedics and share each of our experiences.

We as a team get together on a regular basis to learn all that we can. Our team meeting happen weekly and trainings are on a set timeline- these can sometimes even include strapping the boss to a stretcher. And that makes for the fun days.

It is our commitment to providing the best Ambulance Service in Denver and Aurora that drives us to stay sharp and knowledgeable. It is our truly elite team that sets us apart from other companies.

Start A Career With MHA

Learn more about joining our team and picture yourself working for Mile High Ambulance today.

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